Life Blocks: Psychology in Entrepreneurship and CareerLife Blocks: Psychology in Entrepreneurship and Career

by Ales Zivkovic

Life Blocks is a book that will allow you to skip a few painful steps in pursuit of your career or building a business. It will give you a bit of perspective on things that seem obvious to you today.

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Life Blocks is a book that will open up a new perspective on how you view your endeavour for success, career, building a business and what you entrepreneurial drives are. It will strip your off your social expectations and have you question why you want to achieve whatever you want to achieve on your professional path.

Life Blocks looks at how you regard success and how much perception of society has to do with that. It looks at what the reality of the start-up world is and how the industry is shaping founders’ needs and not the other way around. It looks at how the reality of the start-up world differs from its perception from the outside and how social psychology affects what we strive for when building a business.

Life Blocks looks into what to consider when building a product and the business around it. It looks into how to consider and treat competition while you run your business.

Life Blocks gives you a look at corporate cookie-cutter cubicle. It shows you what you can do to get the best out of it once you enter the corporate maze. You will find how you can in fact build a corporate career and how to consider whether in fact you want to do so. You will find out why entrepreneurs make the worst employees.

Life Blocks looks at the sad reality of mainstream educational system and false lure of upscale degrees. What is the role of certainty in society and how does it spoil us when we are building our lives? Why do you want to graduate first in class; be a doctor or a lawyer?

Life Blocks looks into how much your comfort zone has to do with your everyday decisions and what you’re giving up for believing that’s the right way to go. Does that impact your creativity, what creativity even is and what comfort zone has to do with it.

Life Blocks will have you second-guess what you think you’ve learned up to now and you’ll be glad it did.

Life Blocks is a collection of psychological and inner perspectives, supported by the author’s actual professional path—ranging from investment banking, corporate pharmaceuticals, consulting, policy-making, politics and entrepreneurship.